Thursday, 28 July 2011

All that Jazz

Had rehearsal yesterday for a tv commercial, selling what I can only assume is puffer jackets. 

I am required to take off and put on various jackets whilst doing one of choreographed dances. (There's 4 in total) 

Some "great artist" from Taiwan named Bruce that highly resembled the drama teacher from Summer Heights High was teaching me the moves in this poorly air conditioned dance studio. Let me just say he obviously isn't accustomed to this heat. He was dripping with sweat from every inch of his body, and having to swap jackets with him during this dance made me a bit paranoid about catching meningitis..

I'm supposed to be shooting with a chinese girl and according to the director I need to teach her the moves. We fly to Xining for 3 days to shoot on location  heres hoping we don't get a 40 degree day! Nonetheless it should be a fun job.

Below is a video from rehearsal. 


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  2. Wow - such an experience. Enjoy all the moments