Wednesday, 10 August 2011

If the glove fits..

A lot has happened this past week and a half. I checked out Shanghai's largest water park - Dino Park with James from my agency. Entry was 120RMB which equates to about 18AUD. I felt like we were the only white people there when thousands of eyes were watching us as we explored the facilities. There were a few slides, a lazy river a man made beach with a massive wave pool that acted as the sea. Was a fun day but the lines were huge and there were far too many people there so I think that will be our only visit to Dino Park.  

Last week I was supposed to have a TVC in another city, this was the one I had a 3 hour rehearsal for. They also required me to do a fitting which included hair and makeup and a 5 hour photo shoot. My agency told me 2 days before I was due to leave that they had cancelled the TVC and will just pay 2500RMB to each model. It was quite disappointing as the money from that shoot would have put my balance in the positive.  

I had a photo shoot for a glove company on Sunday. Their angle was that they can be used on IPhones and IPads so you don't need to take your gloves off in the winter to use the touch screen function. It was a pretty easy shoot, it consisted of me pretending to use an iPhone or iPad whilst wearing the gloves. They had reference images that I had to copy to the tee. Some shots were with another model - Jackson who is also from Melbourne, which made the job a bit more enjoyable. It's always good to have someone in your shoes that you can have a laugh with when the client asks you to do funny poses.

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  1. Disappointing about the shoot - hope something better comes through to make up for it! Must say I like the idea of the gloves - I can't use my laptop's touchpad mouse with my gloves on either ;-)