Sunday, 17 July 2011


Visited Bar Rouge again on Friday, this is definitely my favourite place in Shanghai so far. The terrace views over the Bund are second to none and the DJ's play great tunes one after another which make it very hard not to dance!
View from Bar Rouge
Up at 5am today to shoot a catalogue for clothing label Peace Bird with 3 other models.The theme was rockstar 
chic with a hint of hippy. We shot on location at a local club - Mao. The scenes varied from playing in a rock band
on stage to jumping on the couches and drinking beer "backstage". This was my favourite shot, they asked us to
shake up the beer bottles so they would spray everywhere. You can imagine the mess we made, I ended up with 
a face covered in alcohol! Nice way to start a Sunday morning... 

On Set

In other news, Moby our pet turtle is no longer with us. He passed away last night due to unknown reasons. 
May he rest in peace, poor little guy.

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